Last sleep….

….in our house. We’re all packed and ready to go (apart from the TVs, they will be the last thing in the lorry and the first thing out.)

Nearly 15 years we’ve had this place and soon it will be someone else’s – someone else to make new memories, someone else to spill red wine on the carpets, maybe one day someone else’s kids to draw pictures on the newly painted walls.

It sort of feels like we’re going on holiday – but this time we won’t be coming home. Instead we’ll be spending the next few days, weeks and months creating a new home, making new memories, spilling red wine on the carpets but hopefully the boys are old enough to know that if they draw pictures on the wall they can expect the wrath to be reaked.

See you on the other side…


2 thoughts on “Last sleep….

  1. Lots of memories being left behind…

    Lots of new ones to be made! I’m SO happy for you guys! I hope Rachel has a “dress the new home” budget!



  2. Can’t believe it’s really happening. And the sun is shining on you too! Can’t wait to see you all later, have a mad day!!!

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