First Week ……

Well as of this morning we have been in our new home for one week, and I fully intend for this Monday to be a whole lot quieter than last Monday; which was totally manic.

So what’s happened in a week? Well we only have about 10 boxes left to unpack, this may seem alot, but believe you me, it’s not. Jude’s room is shaping up, just need curtain poles, curtains and video monitor. I plucked up the courage and have used my oven! The top lawn has been cut (god I’m going to get fit doing the gardening) and I’ve lopped off all TEN lailandi and dug out two! (Please note my advice: NEVER plant these dreadful vile trees, the are horrid).

We have had lots of visitors which had been lovely, and a little too much celebrating, must start eating more sensibly and exercising !

We have had some lovely lovely sunrises too, hope you will see why we love this house so much šŸ™‚

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