Where’ve You Been?

This is the question I have asked Jude this evening time and time again….. Jude has had a couple of months now where he hasn’t really been himself.  He’d stopped interacting with us, stopped smiling and a laugh……. nowhere to be heard.

I took him to Birmingham Children’s Hospital last week to discuss his diet and to talk to the neurologist. I went through all of the symptoms Jude had displayed and expressed my worry about where my little boy had gone.

Two weeks Jude had a vile rash all over his body that lasted about 7 – 10 days, it was like something I’d never seen before and to be honest I was quite worried. Obviously by the time I went to Birmingham Children’s the rash had almost disappeared.

The doctor decided to take Jude off his topirimate as over a long period of time it can have an effect of making a child withdrawn, listless and very very quiet.

Over the past few days Jude has been more irritable and has seemed to have more seizures, this obviously has made me even more anxious.  Ian said he felt he was coming out the other side (so to speak) and coming back to us.  I think you will agree that Ian absolutely has the right to go ‘Nah nah na nah nah’ to me tonight 🙂


6 thoughts on “Where’ve You Been?

  1. Wow that is so gorgeous. Rafael loved it and is here saying “again? again?”. He loved seeing his friend, Jude laughing like that so going to watch it again, again.

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