Jude’s Art Wall

The boys have started an art wall in Jude’s room to display the art work Jude does at his pre-school. Nathan also did this clever looking collage as well………

As Nathan calls him, Little Man is thriving at the moment – an absolute joy. He still has seizures but in between them he is having a great time….and so are we. (Although daddy has man flu, very poorly).


5 thoughts on “Jude’s Art Wall

  1. Ahhh bless, man flu. I have offered medication to ease the symptoms , I am a good wifey 🙂 even a nice roast dinner to help you feel better. Anyhow I love all my boys and I agree Nathan’s picture is really lovely

  2. Oh dear, sorry about the man flu! I have a touch of that too…. great that the news on Jude seems pretty consistently positive at the moment, looking forward to seeing you all (and checking out the new pad) soon!


  3. Hi Jude
    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you’re hacin a good afternoon at nursery and are being pampered. See you later xxxxxxxxxxx Jude Reubs & Aoife

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