I’m Back

Well I know It’s been a few weeks since we posted anything, but I think you know the saying ‘good things are worth waiting for’

The little boy we thought we’d lost is most definitely back. Last night he spent the majority of the early evening laughing gurgling cooing and smiling. He then had another smiling session at 1am this morning, I however missed this as I was fast asleep. Ian had the pleasure of this one. Long gone are the days that a ‘session’ was screaming and crying for many a wakeful hour.

All we need now is to get a little more control over these seizures.


Jude is 3

November 17th 2007 Jude was born and 3 years later it is difficult to comprehend how the last 3 years have unfolded.

Yesterday we had friends and family around for Jude’s birthday party – all the usual trimmings of food, drink, presents and birthday cakes and it is difficult knowing that the only person in the room who probably didn’t understand what was going on was Jude. However, whatever the reason Jude always enjoys the noise and attention that such occassions bring and yesterday was no different as he employed nearly all of his endearing qualities, lots of cooing and smiling as he played to the crowd.

Regular readers of the blog will be aware of those rare occassions when Jude breaks out in laughter and after some had left his party last night and the rest were in the process of doing so Jude erupted again – completely out of the blue, chuckling away to himself. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen anything as expressive and it really felt like it was his present to us but better still there were others who got to see him ‘live’ for the first time.It certainly washed away any lingering thoughts of ‘if only’ that I get on such occassions. My boy 🙂