The Plague Lives Here

Mommy, daddy, Joseph and Jude…all afflicted one way or another with coughs, spluttering and various mutterings. Jude’s version of man-flu has knocked him out a bit though and Rachel has been sleeping on the sofa in Jude’s room for the past 3 nights.

Jude has done his very best to sleep through his own suffering and has developed a rather impressive ‘look how poorly I am’ look which would be quite cute if he wasn’t quite so poorly. But, with the antibiotics starting to kick in the little man is steadily improving.

Hopefully we’ll all be germ free for Christmas.


One thought on “The Plague Lives Here

  1. awww cant believe how many people are poorly this year, wishing the Marrey family all good health for Christmas and I hear a good hot toddy serves you well! x

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