His hair was a bit long…

…and he looks so grown up and good looking like his dad with it short.

Jude has bounced back from his operation and will be back at school tomorrow – which means he can start reducing his daily TV intake. Because we’ve never been sure what Jude can see and because he’s never shown much interest in it Jude has never been exposed to children’s TV but in recent weeks it has become more and more apparent that he is transfixed by something – the sound definitely but I just feel that he’s seeing something in those magical moving pictures that is stimulating him.

Another thing he’s mastering is the art of side lying. This has always been a comfortable position for Jude and in the dark, dark days I would often lie him on his side and we’d both lie in a fetal position trying to comfort him. Now, he seems to be liften himself up and flipping himself over – of course he hasn’t mastered flipping himself back which can irritate him a little.

The council have finished off the plans for Jude’s room and extension and they will be in to start building either in July this year or sometime in 2012. It’s a bit grrr and a bit raaah and I bite my tongue and say nothing – it’s great that the government will pay for these adaptations but do they have to be sooooo slow.

Onwards and upwards, or any direction…not that fussed as long as it isn’t backwards.


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