Dare I Say It ……

We are home, at last. Jude came out of hospital yesterday after I managed to reverse into a car on the car park!!!! So tired, and yes so blonde.

The Marrey 5 are sleeping under one roof tonight, thank goodness. And only one more day of double dose co-imoxiclav for Jude, so hopefully only one more day of tummy aches for him.

Happy days are here again … long may they continue.


Hospital … AGAIN

Ok it’s getting beyond a joke now. We came out of the Royal Orthopaedic with Nathan on Monday afternoon and on Friday night 7.30pm were back in another hospital -Birmingham Children’s A&E with Jude, so
Not funny! He has a nasty chest infection and has needed oxygen since Friday lunch time.

I left and 1.40am to relieve Ian’s mom as she was looking after the older two and Jude was allocated a bed at 5.20 AM !!!! It’s an eye opener A&E on a Friday night in Birmingham


Big Bro

I know that this is Jude’s blog but it’s been a pretty big week for Nathan this week … Jude meanwhile has been in respite (or as we call it ‘holiday heaven’) at Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Yesterday we had much pain and a few tears but Nathan managed to walk with his frame to the bathroom and back ( which is quite a distance ) and then to the teenagers room to play a bit of x box. I am SO very very proud of him for doing SO well.

I love proud mom(my) moments like this 🙂


My Boy

Well Nathan underwent surgery yesterday to correct a femoral retroversion. He’s being very brave and now the pain block is wearing off is in quite a lot of pain. But that said is being brave and coping very well.

I’ve come to see Jude who is booked in for a five day respite with ‘Acorns Children’s Hospice’ a truly amazing place. We are currently in the sensory room – a very very relaxing room 🙂