About Time Too!

Ok, May was our last blog post! Sorry everyone. So many things have happened since then Jude finished his first term at school and is progressing well. He’s now up to 1 hour in his prone stander, such a clever boy. We’ve had a holiday in Ireland in June which we all enjoyed, Jude loving the sea breeze. We then went to a cottage in Herefordshire in August and had lovely weather. Jude’s elder brother – Joe has started secondary school and Jude has started his second term at Pens Meadow School.

His seizures took a turn for the worse, we are trialling a cycle between clobozam and clonozepam and things didn’t seem to be working that well. Jude then came down with a nasty chest infection a few weeks ago. All good though now.

His eldest brother – Nathan is in The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital at the moment having his femur cut and plated, so Jude is on ‘holiday heaven’ at Acorns Children’s hospice until tomorrow. He is having such a great time and they have his bedtime routine totally sussed after three days. I tell you when we are going home I am implementing everything they do.

Ooh Jude had a birthday too 🙂 Have tries to upload photos but something’s not right so will add later.