On the Campaign Trail

Jude in the news highlighting the March to Molineux

The March to Molineux



The March to Molineux

Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion – two football clubs seperated by 10 miles of tarmac and generations of rivalry.

On 12th February these two teams meet for a lunch time local derby and fans from both clubs will be walking from West Bromwich to Wolverhampton before the game to raise money for Acorns Childrens Hospice.

This was an idea put forward by an Albion fan whose daughter uses the respite facilities at Acorns – as does Jude so I didn’t think twice about volunteering. And then I worked out that I had to walk 10 miles in 4 hours and perhaps I should have volunteered Rachel instead.

Donations to the cause can be made here….

See what Acorns does by clicking their logo.


Sigh 2012

I guess it was only a matter of time, Jude is back in hospital. I didn’t think I’d be back at the blog again so early this year.

We’ve been managing his chest for a while now, using a combination of nebulisers, suction and occasional antibiotics we’ve kept Jude relatively well but never quite fully well.

A week or so ago we had some tests done on Jude and it turns out he has Pseudomonas some nasty bugs that are resistant to many antibiotics. Last night he was not too well and this morning he exploded at the other end in a way that words could not to justice. He was listless and pale so Rachel arranged to get him to the Children’s Hospital where he has been admitted. They are rehydrating him and have started him on a more aggressive antibiotic to hopefully kick the Pseudomonas into touch.

Jude January 2012