Into the lion’s den…

Sunday is the Black Country Derby – when one team from the Black Country (Wolverhampton Wanderers) meet local rivals from Birmingham (West Bromwich Albion). I don’t know why they call it the Black Country Derby when only one of the participants is actually in the Black Country. If the nuances of the Black Country v Birmingham debate are something you are unaware of the relevance of this first paragraph will escape you. But. The Black Country’s ours.

Today, to publicise the March to Molineux on Sunday – I headed into the lion’s den to meet the press at West Bromwich Albion’s training ground. Wearing my Wolves attire in such an environment is not normally recommended but we were warmly welcomes by Albion staff and players alike.










The lass in the middle is Emma, her father Kieren is the driving force behind Sunday’s sponsored March to Molineux and we have already exceeded the £5k target and are heading towards £10k. Emma was diagnosed witha tumour on the brain and after surgery and lengthy chemotherapy she seems to be on the road to recovery and is certainly full of energy when she gets going.

Over the last few years we have been priviledged to get to know either in person or through the internet many brave and corageous parents and their children. Emma and her family are added to that list. It continues to inspire me to see what people can do, achieve and survive.

Here’s Emma with Albion goalkeeper Ben Foster – giving him the high fives.


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