Jude’s New Room…..

…..is coming.

Veteran bloggettes will remember a few years back that we looked at converting our old house in all sorts of directions to provide a suitable living environment for him. A wet room, a hoist, all his equipment and access all proved too much for our house so we had to move.

Rachel did good and we found a great place with a downstairs extension which looked perfect and we moved in August 2010. The council provide a grant for the adaptations, agree the plans and tender for builders – it sounds such an easy process…it isn’t! But, almost 2 years to the day we moved in work will commence on Jude’s New Room at the beginning of August. It’s a big job, upto 12 weeks work (and disruption) but it will be worth it.

Jude will get his own entrance to the house, a wet room, ceiling track and hoists and (very importantly) improved insulation in his room so we can scale back the heating bills a little bit.

In other news, Wolves have been relegated. That made Nathan sad. 😦

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