Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Jude’s been to see another doctor today and we’re looking at August surgery to insert the little device in his chest to stimulate the Vagus Nerve and possibly assist in the control of his seizures. Although I’m sure it won’t cause him any discomfort and may well prove to be beneficial…apparently I’ll be able to see and feel the device underneath his skin. I must say that sort of makes me feel a little but….like this.

Jude’s had another visit from Acorns Hospice at Home who provide respite care for a few hours once or twice a week after school. Jude really enjoys their company 🙂


Just like the old days

Following on from the Jude yawn – then and now….the little pulled something else out of the bag tonight. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do him justice but he got his head right up and was having a good look around, exhibiting some real head and neck control.

Poor kid, now I’m going to make him do it every day 🙂


A good day…..

Jude had no seizures at school today and only two all day – this is particularly good for the little man and coincides with a change in his meds recently. Tonight there has been an increase in the new drug (carbamazepine) so fingers crossed!


Back in the early days of this blog I posted a handful of photos of Jude yawning…not a lot has changed 🙂