Jude’s Bedroom….

The adaptations to Jude’s room have nearly started – over the last week or so we have emptied his room and the garage to allow the builders in who have stripped it down to the timber frame.


The timber frame, described as a glorified garden shed, came as something as a surprise to us but at least we found out why the room gets so cold. There is insulation, some insulation, but there are huge gaps in the wall and the insulation in the ceiling is only half there. We have been spending a fortune keeping that room warm so hopefully our energy bills will come down a bit over the winter.

The builders are going to do some more investigations into how the room has been constructed so they can decide what needs to come down and be rebuilt and what can stay but it is looking like at least a 3 month job.

I shall be blogging the build as we go along but despite the stresses of such a big development we are really excited to finally get underway with this. It has been over three years since we started the process and it has meant us having to move from our original house because it was not suitable for the adaptations required and then a further delay as we waited for the local council to do the work. This is going to be Jude’s own place and once it is done we want it to be somewhere he can really enjoy being with lots of sensory equipment in there.

Room warming party in December? Here’s hoping.

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