Coming along nicely….


Look at the insulation in this beauty… Previously, Jude’s room was severely lacking in the insulation department but no more. We’ve not had to use the electric heater in Jude’s room for a while now partly because it is summer and partly they knocked it down – but our electricity bill for the last quarter has gone down a lot.

I think now we can see a shape it doesn’t seem so daunting and the team are doing a great job.


Building for the Future


We’ve got bricks.

The builders are cracking on now with Jude’s room, the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks are behind us and we are starting to see the new structure. I feel for our neighbours who are subjected to a building site right outside their back door but they’ve been great.

Jude’s off to Acorns Children’s Hospice today for 3 days of pampering so we’re going to spend the weekend doing stuff with Nathan and Joseph.

Nathan’s been to see the orthodontist and been told they are going to have to break his jaw and reset it – he took it on the chin 😉