Nearly there…



The wet room floor is down, the floor in the main room is dry, the doors are on the hinges, the electrics are done…..we’re nearly there.

Just need the hoist to be installed and the room will be ready for completion.

Birthday Fun

Well if you’d asked me four years ago, I seriously wouldn’t have thought we’d have reached this day. We celebrated Jude’s special day with family and friends having a lovely birthday tea party coupled with lots of cuddles and bubbles too.





Jude’s Room

I would do a picture but it’s cold outside and the internal door from the house to Jude’s room is still sealed off. However, we’re getting closer by the day. The light fittings are in, the electric sockets on the wall, the walls are painted, the radiators on the wall, the shower is fitted and tomorrow they’ll be coming round to have a look at what we need for a ramp from his room to the garden.

We still have to have Jude’s ceiling hoist installed and think about carpets for is room in case the old one doesn’t fit any more….but 3 months in we can start seeing the beginning of the end.

Tomorrow Jude heads off to Acorns Children’s Hospice until next Monday while Mommy and Daddy pack their bags for a couple of days in Ireland for my cousin Alan’s wedding. Much Guinness to be consumed. Slainte