Jude is 6


Six? Hard to believe at times when this young man seems to have had a lifetime of experiences already. Jude might not have understood what the fuss was all about but he definitely knew there was a fuss and that he was at the centre of it. Friends and family came around and all of them in one way or another have played their part in getting from there to here.

Then there were those who weren’t there but appeared on Rachel’s Facebook page, people we have met on the way – sometimes only fleetingly – who sent birthday wishes. Jude may have had his challenges and he will have more to come but nothing brings more pride to a parent than knowing your child touches the hearts of others, that your child can bring out the very best in people. Jude has done that time and time again.

In the past I have recoiled when children like Jude are described as ‘special’ – I always heard ‘different’ – but I think I am beginning to get it. Jude isn’t special because of who he is or what he has to face, Jude is special because of how he inspires others, because of the joy and happiness he brings so effortlessly. These are qualities that so many aspire to and my son makes it look easy.

What a fortunate family we are.


I’ll protect you from the hooded claw, keep the vampires from your door


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