One in the bank….


Today I put a half marathon in the bank for three reasons. To set a PB as it is the furthest I have ever run so by default a personal best, it gives me something to aim for. As insurance in case anything happens in the next few weeks to prevent me running the Birmingham half marathon. And finally, because I could.

One of the aims of my fundrasing effort was to get information about Acorns “out there” by asking people to donate and share. Unfortunately, my idea coincided with the ice bucket challenge which went wild on social media. Ho hum.

Acorns provide Jude (and us) with much needed respite – both at their Selly Oak centre and also at home, but they also provide other valuable support to families.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Cameron. A young lad who was at school with Jude. Just a teenager, he passed away unexpectedly a week or so ago. He and his mom have been looked after by Acorns over the last week with Cameron at rest in Acorns prior to his funeral. Acorns provide support in life and beyond, to children and their families. They rely on donations and fundraising to provide this valuable support which is why I ask again to please make a small donation and share with your friends.

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