Pre-Xmas Hospitals….

We have spent more time than we would choose in hospitals around Christmas – it’s not fun. Jude makes his debut in a new hospital this week with Thursday’s admission to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

It has been suggested to us that he may benefit from surgery to assist with his tone. As he grows, his tightness puts pressure on his body and ours. On Friday he will have Baclofen injected directly into his spine (where it has the most effect) so that we can get a idea about how surgery would leave him. It should only be a three day stay (Thursday to Saturday) but Jude’s been known to misbehave.

If we like the outcome then we are faced with a choice between a Baclofen Pump and Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. The former available free of charge on the NHS, the latter….not. With Jude’s history there are greater risks associated with the Baclofen Pump which is inserted underneath the skin and pumps the drug Baclofen into his spine. The risks are mainly related to infection…and Jude is red flags when it comes to risk. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy is a treatment that has shown good results in reducing spasticity and for Jude this primarily relates to his positioning and to help us with manual handling.

I guess if the results are really encouraging from this test then the decision will be made for us – there are very few things that can be done that make a marked improvement on Jude’s quality of life so anything that does crop up merits serious consideration. If there is nothing much to report, we tried, we move on.

Hope they serve decent coffee….