We’ll be back….


We are in Nottingham, which is a new hospital for Jude. He’s had a Baclofen test with the drug going right to the sweet spot in the spinal fluid. Or something like that….

The purpose of the test is to see the effects of something more permanent. It only worked for 5 or 6 hours, most of which I missed, but Rachel said words to the effect – if he could be like that all day everyday….

That assessment is enough, we’ll be back.

I hate putting Jude through all this – he has to put up with more than he deserves but this really does look like something that could have a real positive impact on the quality of his life.

Apparently the procedure we’re going for has brought great benefits to children with Cerebral Palsy, particularly those for whom walking is a struggle and painful. Jude will never walk but he can be more comfortable and in its own way, that will be a step forward.